At KLEAN, we believe everyone should have quality showers. That means your pet too! Skin irritation tops the list for most veterinary visits. While bathing our furry friend who just rolled around in the mud, it probably didn’t cross your mind that tap water can irritate their skin. Irritation is likely caused by hard water: water that's high in mineral content. 


FOR HUMANS. Hard water is safe to consume. A report on Hardness in Drinking Water by the World Health Organization concluded that drinking hard water benefits our cardiovascular system. The only issue is that showering with it isn't great for our skin and hair (this applies to our furry friends too)!

FOR OUR PETS. A 2016 study from Trupianion found a correlation between medical claims for pets with urinary problems and the areas within the United States with very hard water. 'Once we identified the 'extremely hard water' areas and compared it to our urinary claims in these regions, we saw a significantly higher risk of pets running into urinary health issues.' Although not decisive evidence, this study should be kept in mind if your pet is prone to urinary problems. 

trupanion study on hard water and pets


Soap products like doggie shampoo don't lather well in hard water, leading to a buildup of soap scum on their fur coat. Soap scum is a combination of shampoo, oil, and bacteria. It can cause dryness (flakey skin) as well as irritation to your doggie's skin. 

We've noticed recently an increasing number of pet groomers offering bathing services with soft water. This is because furry friends who bathe in softer water tend to have a smoother fur coat due to lesser mineral buildup.


For those of us who groom our pets at home, a shower filter is your lifesaver. KLEAN helps you remove harmful elements such as chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, bacteria, and other impurities from your tap water. KLEAN uses KDF medium, patented by the NSF (A member of the World Health Organization). KDF transforms contaminants into harmless elements so you and your furry friend can shower worry-free. 

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