For those who love summer tanning sessions by the pool, we all remember that weird smell - chlorine, a common disinfectant used in pools and also many cities' water treatment plants. In fact, over 98% of homes in the US alone use either chlorine or chloramine to disinfect tap water. Now before you panic, chlorine isn't all bad, it actually helps keep your tap water safe from bacteria and other water-borne diseases. However, chlorine damages your hair and skin.

If you aren't comfortable with drinking chlorinated water, why shower in it? According to a study by PMC, your body actually absorbs more chlorine while showering than ingesting. Also, warm water helps open up our pores and hair follicles, which ultimately leads to more exposure.

Chlorine strips away the natural oils of hair and skin and can ultimately lead to excessively dry skin, brittle textured hair, oxidized/faded hair color, dandruff, and hair loss.

Klean helps you eliminate chlorine, hard metals and other impurities from your shower water with a process known as Redox. Here's the science: Klean uses a KDF filter consists of copper and zinc which creates a small electric charge when combined together. Electrons in chlorine, heavy metals are exchanged with the media within Klean, converting the impurities into harmless components.

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