If you've spent money on skincare products, tried various types of cleansing treatments, but when none of them seem to stop breakouts, we suggest you start looking elsewhere: your hard shower water. 

The issue with hard water lies with its high mineral contents. Hard metals inside your water prevent soap from properly foaming and washing off, leaving behind a film-like residue on your skin AKA soap scum. And how's that connected with acne? Simply put: the buildup clogs your pores and leads to breakouts. 

During an interview with Self Magazine, Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross explained, "Impurities from hard water causes a chemical reaction with your skin's natural oils, and changes the oil from a liquid form to wax. This, in turn, clogs your pores and can lead to breakouts. Impurities have the same response to creams too, even those that are non-comedogenic."

Reset your self-care routine with quality water. KLEAN is a modern shower accessory that helps you tackle skin and hair problems at its source. Our filter helps remove heavy metals, chlorine & other impurities from your water, reducing the likelihood of your skin acting out in the first place. 

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