Here's something that probably slipped your mind while you're combatting oily skin, and it's probably making it worse.

Washing your face in the shower.

In Europe, over 85% of European homes are supplied with hard water (every city's tap water has its own unique mineral composition, and higher the mineral composition, the harder the water). And showering with it is problematic for your skin.

Hard water dries out your skin. The high mineral content prevents soap from lathering, and instead, leaves behind a film-like residue that lingers and dehydrates it. And when oily skin becomes dry, it sends a message to our sebaceous glands to produce EVEN MORE oil to compensate for lack of moisture.

Hard water causes oily skin
Your shower water can also trigger acne. During an interview with Self Magazine, Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross explained, "Impurities from hard water causes a chemical reaction with your skin's natural oils, and changes the oil from a liquid form to wax. This, in turn, clogs your pores and can lead to breakouts."

The same applies to moisturizers and non-comedogenic creams. Even after your face is washed and dried, the impurities still cling onto your skin. Although these creams are formulated with substances specifically created not to block pores, it causes the same chemical reaction and changes it from a liquid to a wax form.
hard water affects oil production on your skin
Now, is the solution to pull the plug on showering? Absolutely not. At KLEAN we don't see why your pillowcase needs to absorb all the grease or risk clogging your pores a whole other way.

A KLEAN Shower Filter supports your skincare routine by filtering out impurities and heavy metals from your shower. While providing quality water that doesn't strip moisture from your skin, KLEAN helps prevent excess oil production and simultaneously reduces the mineral buildup which can clog your pores.

klean shower filter anatomy

KLEAN uses a Redox Process to transform contaminants into elements harmless for your hair and skin. This technology is patented by the National Sanitation Foundation, a member of the World Health Organization. Redox Technology turns the chemicals and metal ions such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, iron, and more into harmless substances. We'll help you remove the icky stuff, and you'll get healthier skin and hair without the hassle.

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