"Smooth as a baby's butt" is often the term we use to compliment someone who has soft, flawless, and...low maintenance skin. Now, here's the moment of truth. A baby's skin actually requires a lot of work, especially during their bathing routine. That's why #showersmart applies to babies too, as their skin is super delicate and prone to irritation. 

First things first, is there any magic number for baths? Short answer: no. Specialists, however, recommend no more than 3 times a week. This ‘less is more’ approach helps maintain your little munchkin's skin’s gentle pH balance. 

Also, only avoiding parabens and fragrances is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. Did you know that the quality of your baby's shower water can also lead to eczema, sensitive, and dry skin? 

The culprit is chlorine and heavy metals in your shower. "We've become more aware of how important the skin barrier is," says Pediatric Dermatologist Dr. Megha M. Tollefson, who researches skin diseases in children. A 2017 study from the University of Sheffield and King's College in London showed that "Hard water can damage the skin's protective barrier, which increases sensitivity to irritants, such as those found in soap products."  

Moisture is essential to keeping allergens and microbes from wreaking havoc to your baby's skin. Chlorine and heavy metals in your shower all have a drying effect - and this causes itching, redness, and sensitivity. Ever notice the soap scum on your shower basin? Imagine that on your little one's skin. Heavy metals in your water clog pores and lead to dryness. When combined with bathing products, it leaves behind a film-like residue on the skin that's hard to wash off.

There's dry, itchy winter skin, and then there's that red, blistered skin condition AKA eczema. Before using immunosuppressants or any other medication, consider installing a KDF based shower filter as a preventative measure since many times, childhood eczema is caused by hard water. A KDF filter helps your baby #showersmart - which means it removes certain eczema and dry skin triggers that are found in your shower. 

Here’s what we believe: Tackle the problem at its source before spending money on topical products. Because shower water affects our hair and skin just as much as the products we use.

No more icky things in your shower. Our KLEAN shower filter prevents irritation to your munchkin's skin by removing up to 98% of free chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities found in your shower water. 

KLEAN shower filter works through a process known as "Redox," in which the filter media transforms chlorine into elements harmless for your hair and skin. This technology is patented by the National Sanitation Foundation, a member of the World Health Organization. 

What else? 

KLEAN removes hard metals such as lead, iron, and mercury as well as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. We also filter out the nasties such as microplastics, bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses which cause inflammation. 

#SHOWERSMART because once the irritants are kept at bay, you and your loved one's skin and hair will feel softer and smoother.

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