Do you ever take a random shower to think about random sh*t? According to science, you definitely should, because showering can spark some of your most creative ideas.

Showering helps our bodies release dopamine - the hormone which makes us "feel good" when getting a reward. And releases of dopamine brings out more creativity. "Showering allows the mind to wander freely, and this causes people to be more open to their inner self," explains Ron Friedman, founder of Ignite80.

It's a no brainer that showering also relaxes our state of mind. We're in absolute #metime - taking a break from social media, work emails, and finally able to hear our inner voice. The answers are always there, but often it's us who aren't listening. So take your #metime seriously. Because jumping into the shower turns your ideas into incubation mode.

Now that we've established showering as a crucial step to our wellness routine, and it doesn't hurt to make sure the water you're using is helping your case and not working against you.

shower filter would come in handy to keep your scalp, skin, and hair better moisturized by eliminating chemicals, metals, and impurities in your water. 

What's our solution? With Redox Technology that utilizes an NSF certified high-purity copper-zinc formulation, the ingredients in KLEAN transforms chemicals and metal ions like chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and more, into harmless substances. 

KLEAN additionally contains Calcium Sulfite, Granulated Activated Carbon, and Ceramic Derma Beads to boost filtration, remove chemical impurities and odor. 


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